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Deetox @ The Colors Of Defqon.1 2019 Blue


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The undisputed queen of RAW returns with a mix that represents Defqon.1's BLUE to the fullest. From melodic rockers to jawbreaking bangers, the Colors of Defqon.1 | BLUE Mix by Deetox got it all.

The BLUE is Defqon.1's home of RAW: the second biggest stage of the festival where only the leading RAW acts of the moment gather to serve you the madness you deserve. Ready to join the insanity?

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1. Deetox & Clockartz - Music
2. Adaro & MYST - When The Stars Connect In Space
3. D-Attack ft. Last Word - Limitless Conquest
4. Sub Sonik & Galactixx - Runaway
5. Degos & Re-Done - My Enemies
6. Hard Driver ft. Dani Omega - Till The End
7. Deetox - On The Edge
8. Digital Punk ft. Nicole Carino - The Eclipse
9. Rejecta - Hardness
10. E-Force - The End
11. Warface - I Need You