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Psy-Tool @ ॐ The Psychedelic Trip in the Galaxy ॐ Vol.3

Psytrance   Progressive   Trance

Toegevoegd door: o-tool @

Bestandstype: 320 kbit MP3

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  ॐ The Psychedelic Trip in the Galaxy ॐ
  Psytool got 1 1/2 hours of Psychedelic & Full On / Psytrance crackers with plenty of dancefloor potential. Psytoolsystem represent the Psytrance sound.
  Galaxy Riders Vertical Mode, Javier Bussola
1. Lunaris (Original Mix) Flegma
2. The Journey Begins (Original Mix) Doppler
3. Sweet Delicious Soulscape
4. Engines Of Creation (Dual Vision Remix) One Function
5. Distortion (Original Mix) Makida & Micky Noise
6. Unknown Source (Original Mix) Mindbenderz
7. A New Dawn Mindbenderz
8. Psylosophy (Original Mix) Bionix & IKON
9. Hollow Earth (Original Mix) Mind & Matter & Atomizers
10. Mind Delights (Original Mix) Sundose
11. Matrix (Mind & Matter Remix) Yestermorrow
12. Interstellar Space (Original Mix) Hinap
13. Galactic Incubation Atmospheres (Original Mix) Starseed
14. Space Of Being (Original Mix) Aioaska & Gipsy Soul
15. Psychedelic Reaction (Original Mix) Dual Vision & Razzle Dazzle
16. Weedlock (Original Mix) Shogan
17. Tsunami of Truth Killerwatts & Outsiders
18. After Shock California Sunshine
19. Fragments Of Insanity Gaudium
20. Japan (E-Clip Remix) Kalki
21. Relative Abstrackt Dimension
22. Man On The Run (WHITENO1SE & System Nipel Extended Remix) Dash Berlin with Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren
23. Hyper Tension Toxica
24. Acid Dreams Osher
25. Bird over Sand Dunes (Divination Remix) Desert Dwellers
26. Hygge Drift Away
27. Voodoo EgoRythmia
28. Ebe (Protonica Remix) Ace Ventura & Captain Hook
29. Matter of Fact Outsiders & Sphera
30. Moments of Ecstasy Ace Ventura & Animato
31. Supernature Shadow Chronicles
32. Brasilia Coming Soon!!!
33. The World That You Know (GMS Remix) Ace Ventura & Symbolic
34. Driving Lsd Bigfoot
35. Ensemble (Off Limits Remix) Animato & Atmos
36. Chicken Shaker (Gaudium Remix) Ticon
37. The Trip Altered State
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