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Dj O-Tool @ Psytrance Frequencies from Galaxy Vol.4

Psytrance   Trance   Progressive Trance

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  Open Your Mind And Feel This Moment! ♬°⋆ ɱUꑄյ͛ʗ⋆°♬ ☜❀ ♯♭Love♪Is♩In♮The♪Air♫ ✿ •✿ ƸӜƷ ????•*¨`*•. (????) (????) .•*¨`*•✿ . . . •*????¨`*•.¸(¯`v´¯)¸.•´*¨`*•✿ ????✿ …????………….???? •.¸.•…………✿ ????
  Mixed By : Dj O-Tool ✯ Ɛn꒻⍢⃝Ⴘ♫
  Universal Psytrance Frequencies from Galaxy
  Artist: (VA) Various Artists
  Label: Psytool-Mix
  Album: Universal Psytrance Frequencies from Galaxy
  Released: 2019
  Genre: Psychedelic
  Style: Progressive Psytrance
1. Magic Mushroom Trip (Original Mix) Space Monkeys
2. Pagans Frauen Gesang Ascent
3. It's Puzzling (Original Mix) Viking Trance
4. Namaste Vini Vici
5. After Shock California Sunshine
6. Transient (Original Mix) One Function
7. Slow Wake (Original Mix) Atacama
8. Mind of God Tristate
9. Deep Ocean Jakaan
10. Source Code (Atacama Remix) Tristate
11. Liquid Connective (Original Mix) Divination
12. Beyond Zero & One (Original Mix) Phoma
13. Chemistry Middle Mode
14. Inspiration Jakaan
15. Another Earth Shadow Chronicles
16. Advanced Civilization Sideform
17. Everything You Are Tristate
18. DMT Starlab (IN)
19. Awakening (Original Mix) Shivatree
20. Post Human (Original Mix) Starlab (IN)
21. Lost in Madness (Original Mix) Out Of Range
22. The Phoenix Faders
23. Jungle Dreams (Original Mix) Genetrick
24. Entice (Original Mix) Atacama
25. Etro's Protector It is a good Day (Original Mix) JAKAAN
26. Synthetic Vibes (Starlab Remix) Liquid Soul
27. Arrival (Original Mix) Daniel Lesden
28. Alona (Original Mix) Out Of Range
29. Tokyo Teleport (Sabretooth Remix) Starlab (IN)
30. Human Being (Original Mix) Relativ
31. Beat of the Drum (Original Mix) Audiofire (uk)
32. Ilbechin (Original Mix) Starlab (IN)
33. Alien Light Orisma
34. Speed Of Light One Function
35. Smashing The Veil Sonic Species
36. Below Zero (Original Mix) Drukverdeler
37. Sunset Blues (Original Mix) Hasche
38. Sonic Species-Generation X (Tristate Remix) Tristate
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