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Demanufacturer @ Ben Harder Show 496

Industrial Hardcore

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Ben Harder Show E496 Featuring Demanufacturer On HardSoundRadio!

The set starts in the middle of the show, ranging from dark and brooding techno to melodic industrial and plenty of harsh hardcore sounds, while bits and pieces of the interview are scattered throughout this awesome three-hour programme! Check it out if you'd like to know what makes my music heart tick these days, or what's on my mind in general (:


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1. Dark Frequencer - Dark Drive
2. WaveBndr - Confsd
3. Battling Anomaly - Rotten
4. Soulshaver - Inner Pain (Helios is dead Remix)
5. Perc - Hyperlink (Tymon Remix)
6. Embrionyc - The Promise I Gave You
7. Cubic Nomad ft. The Relic - Imperial Walkers
8. Demanufacturer - Innate Savagery
9. Sacerdos Vigilia - INDZ RVLTN
10. The Outside Agency - The Spooks
11. Strange Arrival - Interloper
12. Main Concern - End of Days
13. Remain Silent - Criminal Code
14. eDUB - Industrial Meat
15. Soulshaver - Inner pain (Destination to Hell Remix)
16. ID (Sacerdos Vigilia & Demanufacturer - ID)
17. Strange Arrival - Planchette
18. RAXYOR - The Tokyo Terror (Demanufacturer Remix)
19. Biomek & Demanufacturer - Soulpurgers
20. Enzyme X - God's Child