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Shadow (2) @ Decibel Outdoor 2019 Rookie Contest


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Lengte: 00:20:13

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I'm participating in the Decibel Outdoor Rookie Contest with something different then I usually do. Starting with 180 Bpm Mainstream hardcore with some frenchcore and Industrial at the end. It contains a track (mashup) from myself, and of course brand new bangers!????

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1. Anime - Hardshock
2. The Melodyst x Malice - House Of Distortion (United Hardcore Forces 2019 Anthem)
3. Never Surrender & D-Fence - Beuk Alles In Elkaar
4. N-Vitral & Deadly Guns - Ill Street Blues
5. Basspunkz - What You Think
6. The Endless Souls - Motherfucking Invitation
7. Shadow - Frenchcore Fuckup
8. Angerfist - Right Trough Your Head (Detest Remix)