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Cryptek vs. Gridkiller @ Pokke Herrie 2019 - DJ Contest


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This is our Contest Mix for the Hardcore Germany Contest Stage in the Cosmo Club at Pokke Herrie 2019. We hope you like our Mix!

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1. Gridkiller - The Glory
2. Orian X DEEZL - Void
3. GridKiller - Revenge
4. Angerfist - Street Fighter (Audiofreq Remix)
5. Neophyte & Scott Brown - This One Is For You (Restrained Remix)
6. Furyan - Kokeen
7. NSTINCT - Reload
8. Unresolved & Andy The Core - Droppa
9. Nosferatu - Poppin' Pistols
10. Dr. Peacock & N-Vitral - Disorder