Shoutbox: [14:54] McBong: Well for festivals and events which are hardcore related its absolute shit, especially the south, but in the winter i'm on a mountain in the alps on skis within 3 hours  :p Anyway, thanks for your help, I'll check all the options  :thumbsup:

Enigma_NL @ Frenchcore Mixes #14

Frenchcore   Hardcore

Toegevoegd door: Enigma_NL @

Bestandstype: 256 kbit MP3
Lengte: 00:34:28
Favoriet van: Koelti

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1. Circus Brekovic - Cara Van Core
2. Tricksterland - Uzi Dance (Radium's Hardcore Akhbar Remix)
3. Hyrule War - Life Is Cruel
4. Sefa - Crying Earth
5. Re-Style - Get It Crackin (Sefa Remix)
6. Billx & Dr. Peacock - Naarayanaa
7. Deathroar - Going Wild
8. Unit - Balkan ruff stuff
9. Billx - Bella Ciao (Billx Frenchcore Edit)
10. Angernoizer-De Moeder