Shoutbox: [19-10] ProPodziemie: This song is all rather trash, it is weak, when I do such shit I remove it immediately. There are millions of such shit on the internet, it is better to make 10 shit and learn something more on each subsequent one and then create one interesting piece in my opinion, and not just what most amateurs do by publishing something crap everywhere. ; D  xD

Partyraiser @ Intents Festival 2019


Toegevoegd door: D4RkN3sS @
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Lengte: 00:30:59

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Opening Set.

Gestemd door: D4RkN3sS dhrrob90 HardT3K-Tic The_Sociopath Hansolo -michaelhughes
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1. ID (Neophyte & Nosferatu - Daar Zijn We Weer (Partyraiser Edit?))
2. Furyan - Kokeen
3. The Dark Horror - Mashup #2
4. ID (ID)
5. ID (Partyraiser & Repix - Ode To The Godfather (ID Edit))
6. The Stunned Guys & Paul Elstak - Thrillseeka (Streiks & Kratchs Bootleg) (Live Edit)
7. Neophyte & The Viper & Tha Playah - Master This (Soulblast Bootleg)
8. Never Surrender - Lion King
9. Partyraiser & Repix - Ode To The Godfather
  w/ Snollebollekes - Feest Waarvan Ik Morgen Niks Meer Weet
10. Insane S - Smeared Brain
11. The Melodyst x Malice - House Of Distortion (United Hardcore Forces 2019 Anthem)
12. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Greazy Fuckdrum (N-Vitral Fuckup) (Partyraiser Edit?)
13. The Dope Doctor - Mash #4
14. Dr. Peacock & Partyraiser - Trip To Holland
15. Trespassed - Who We Are
16. Repix - The Ultimate Neophyte Tribute