Shoutbox: [20:59] Devadander: Only MC I don't mind is Mouth of Madness. MC No ID has gotten better at not talking during sets lol also Villain is very annoying lol

Kuvera B , Noistruct , Souls In Kaos & Samael Xavier @ HardSound Radio - The Aussie Edition

Techno   Breakcore   Frenchcore

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HSR The Aussie Edition May Show

"Three Aussie locals joined by our fellow rebel from Paris France to bring you a rather eclectic array of musical armoury. Face the fear of Dark Hard Techno. Watch as the Breakcore sucks the life out of your soul before lifting it up and thrashing it about with energetic Frenchcore. Only to have your soul bashed ferociously by a wall of Splittercore. Come on down be prepared to have your heart beaten to a pulp. Just a little."
--- MIRVcore

1700 Kuvera B (France)
1830 Noistruct (Australia)
1930 Souls In Kaos (Australia)
2030 Samael Xavier (Australia)

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