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Sand Circles pres. Continuity @ Dissonanze 50

Ambient   Intelligent Dance Music

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Dissonanze 50 | Continuity (Sand Circles)

"Continuity is an ongoing project of Stockholm-based Martin Herterich, an ever-evolving sound piece portraying urban life; eschewing deconstruction, rather searching for the core of contemporary electronic music.
Active with the project Sand Circles since 2012, Herterich’s solo work is usually associated with the Swedish experimental underground, with musical projects ranging from off-kilter soundscaping to crude industrial tape works. Continuity is a further exploration of those same themes; the ecstasy of city life depicted through processed field recordings, stretched harmonies and faded club music.
This mix is inspired by the weeks spent traveling and performing in Japan 2017-2018."

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7. Alex Zhang Hungtai - Yaumatei
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