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Species Kai @ Leonies B-Day (Private Free Party)

Breakcore   Crossbreed   Industrial Hardcore

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Played a set at a private free party and recorded it. All but 3 sets were goa related styles, so I was a bit unsure how this will work out haha.
But surprisingly a few ppl really enjoyed it.

btw, I pressed record a bit too late .. that's why it starts in the middle of the 1st track.

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1) Static Kill one- 8 bit machnine (species Kai remix)
2) Noise Side - My Style (Angry Somnambulic Maker - Final Version Remix)
3) Ulcerium - All Are Dead
4) Chucky Baby - Le Pact Des Loups (AFSTW)
5) MUTANTE/NAYAMI - A Proposito, Eres Una Cerda!
6) Snyde & KRIEG vs. Indian Junglist & Maria Terror - Rave Massacre
7) Wan Bushi - Dj Psycangle - Smile, Fuck Up (Wan Bushi Remix)
8) Chucky Baby - Queen of the Night
9) sabi_c - Shoggoth
10) Hardlogik & Syrinx - Remy Lacroix Boxing Day
11) Neocortex - Talk Leemhouse To Me
12) Mental Geller - The Struggle Of 30 Year Old Ravers
13) species Kai - It is all because of me we got hunted
14) Deface blastrr - HoolyDayz w/ VV Sect
15) Dubscribe - Blood Rave (Final Sketch Remix)
16) Ulcerium - Collective self mutilation
17) JaQwa - Legends of Mashup
18) Distonn - Booyah!
19) Leeloo Hardcoholics - Sexta