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Low Entropy @ Tribute To Black Blood & Steven Sick Mix

Hardcore   Industrial Hardcore   Darkcore

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Meer info
Black Blood aka Steven Sick is one of the most enigmatic producers of Hardcore Techno. Active in the 90s (and early 2000s) and part of the second generations of Doomcore and Industrial Hardcore producers, he was a Doom- and Darkcore pioneer. He just did few releases, and then disappeared from the scene, and not much more is known about him. He must have had good networking though as his releases appeared throughout Europe and even Australia.
His own brand of Doomcore is very peculiar, with not much of the often used "rave buildup" but rather a mix of 90s Industrial Hardcore, even Speedcore, and Doomcore sentiments. His sound is much deeper and more complex than most of his peers. His tracks verge on Noise and Industrial madness sometimes. A very individualist approach, and he deserves a lot of praise for that.
This mix showcases some of his works.

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1. Black Blood - Lost Worlds
2. Black Blood - Hinter Dem Vorhang Der Dunkelheit
3. Black Blood - Orrational
4. Black Blood - Detonation
5. Black Blood - The Final Level
6. Black Blood - Doom Machine pt 2
7. Black Blood - U.T.A.
8. Steven Sick - Abnormal
9. Steven Sick - Chaos Concert
10. Steven Sick - No Way Out
11. Black Blood - Warzone
12. Black Blood - Program 2
13. Black Blood - Earthshaker
14. Black Blood - Level 1