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Low Entropy @ Hangars Liquides Tribute Mix

Early Terror   Speedcore

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Lengte: 01:18:38

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Low Entropy - Hangars Liquides Tribute Mix

"After the mid 90s, the "Experimental Hardcore" scene seemed to wither away. Fischkopf was dead, some other labels switched to Breakcore and / or stopped releasing too, things seemed pretty bleak... there were labels that carried the light on into the 2000s years though, and one of the most known of them is Hangars Liquides.
Pioneer label, groundbreaking, extraordinary... a label that to this day has a large following and a high esteemed status amongst music enthusiasts... also a platform for early releases by producers that become important figures later... sparked a whole movement and scene by itself.
But enough words, let the sounds speak for themselves!"

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1. EPC - 15.02.97
2. XKV8 ft. Overtkill & Le Lascar - Force Fire (Précurseur Sombre)
3. La Peste - Jouissance De La Banquise Stratosphérique
4. La Peste - Pam Anderson On Acid
5. Korrigan - J. Bottlegrin
6. EPC - Cockpit Modern
7. Cytochrome C - Antinomie
8. Noize Creator - Global Harsh
9. Fist Of Fury - La Haine
10. Senical - Le Kidz
11. La Peste - Sexe/Mort Vs. Rupture/Structure
12. Attila - Sjlhgd
13. I:gor - Monotonio
14. Malaria - Deviance Mentale
15. Neurocore - Oublie Tes Illusions
16. La Peste - Untitled A
17. I:gor - Moj :wiat [Dark Point]
18. Senical - Respective Action
19. Fist Of Fury - The Exorcist Part 1
20. XKV8 ft. Overtkill & Le Lascar - Grindozer
21. EPC - Haikumputer Pt 1 / EPC Plays La Peste 1