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Hardisciples @ History Of Hardcore Q-Base Anthems

Hardcore   Industrial Hardcore   Frenchcore

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➤ Since Q-Base doesn't exist anymore, and Impaqt officially replaced it last week, it's time to collect all the existing Q-Base Anthems.
The first edition, in 2004, had a legendary anthem, still remixed and appreciated nowadays: Lost In Dreams by Mike NRG, together with the DJ Sequenza Mix. In 2005 those were still the official anthems. 2006 and 2007 a slightly different version was used, the DJ Sequenza Mix 2. In 2008 and 2009 things changed a lot with the new remixes from Tat & Zat and Weapon X. The first one was the official Hardstyle Anthem, the other was the Hardcore one. 2010 was the year of Alpha² (Hardstyle), Masters Of Ceremony (Hardcore) and Sinister Souls. 2011 had no anthems.

In 2012 everything changed again. Every stage had an anthem.
Almost the same happened in the others editions. The most longeval stages were the Open Air (mainstage), the Hangar (Raw Hardstyle), QULT (Subground and other styles), PRSPCT (Industrial), Warehouse (Hardcore) and BKJN (Frenchcore). The last edition also had a Freestyle anthem by Ransom.
➤ This is a tribute to the most representative artists in the Hardcore scene.
➤ History Of Hardcore playlist:

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1. Mike NRG - Lost in dreams (Weapon X Remix)
2. Mike NRG - Lost in dreams (Masters of ceremony Remix)
3. Mad Dog ft. MC Jeff - Enter The Twilight Zone (Q-Base 2013 TiH OST)
4. Art Of Fighters & Synthax & Xcite - Creatures Of The Night (Q-Base 2014 TiH OST)
5. Endymion - Anarchy (Q-Base 2012 Thunderdome Stage Anthem)
6. Ophidian - Fire (Q-Base 2015 Warehouse Anthem)
7. Tha Playah ft. MC Alee & MC Tha Watcher - D.O.H. (Q-Base 2016 Warehouse OST)
8. D-Fence - Lost In Dreams (Q-Base 2017 Warehouse OST)
9. Limewax & Trasher - The Expensive Squat Party Anthem (Q-Base 2012 PRSPCT OST)
10. Detest ft. Trasher - Now You've Got Something To Die For (Q-Base 2014 PRSPCT OST)
11. The Outside Agency - Bulletproof (Q-Base 2016 PRSPCT OST)
12. The DJ Producer - Machines Dreams (Q-Base 2015 PRSPCT OST)
13. Hellfish - Betrayer Of Worlds (Q-Base 2013 PRSPCT OST)
14. The Sickest Squad ft. MC Diesel - Q-Galaxy (Q-Base 2017 BKJN OST)
15. Sefa - The Future (Q-Base 2018 BKJN OST)