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Beatshock @ Frenchcore S'il Vous Plait Podcast 8


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My name is Remco Middelkoop (Beatshock) I was born in 1993, I come from Alblasserdam, The Netherlands.

From a very young age I have a big love for Hardcore music, it grew bigger and bigger. Back in 2012 was the first time for me behind the decks.
I bought a Pioneer DJ set, and from that moment on I was playing tracks day in day off, most of the times Hardcore, but my love for Frenchcore did grow fast. I wanted more than just play tracks, in 2013 I started to produce music.
It took some time to learn the basics of the program, but with alot of effort I finished my first Frenchcore track later in 2013 called Party On. I started to learn more and more and I have alot of fun with it.

in 2013 I decided to join a DJ competition, I was one of the winners and I was able to sign a contract at Smash Bookings. Unfortunate the bookings agency did not last for long. Still, I had some nice bookings, and I did play several times at the legendary Club Rodenburg in Beesd.

2013 was also the year I did play at my first festival, I was asked to play at the big camp site Field 13 Bass Addicts at Nature One. It was incredible, and from that moment i've met alot of amazing people who also
have a big love for music. After that I focussed alot more on producing and my mixing skills behind the decks.

Later on, I did play on party's like Overstuurd, Omelette Du Frenchcore, Bass Addicts, VEDJ Dance Parade and more smaller party's. And I hope to get the chance to show what I can do on bigger stages later!

In 2016 I had my first release with Digital Violence called "Never Surrender" on Frenchcore S'il Vous Plaît Records FSVP008. One of my best moments so far was January 2019, where Partyraiser did play my track "My Immortal" om the massive stage at Operation Core at Breepark Breda. It gave me a massive boost, and alot of motivation to learn more about music production.

I will continue to improve my music in the future, with the main focus on producing Hardcore and Frenchcore.

Want to keep updated about my music? Check out my social media pages!

Thanks for reading, and see you later!


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1. Beatshock - Intro
2. Bit Reactors & Radium - Big Fat Bass
3. Angerfist - The Promqueens Finest Drug
4. Angerfist - Still Pissing Razorbladez
5. Radium - One Core Night
6. Bit Reactors ft. Vale Blake - Open Your Eyes
7. The Sickest Squad - Sick Lullaby
8. DJ Twilight & Narotic ft. The Massacre - Real Italian Killers (The Braindrillerz Remix)
9. Hallucinator - Heartbreak (The Sickest Squad Remix)
10. Beatshock - Drop The Bassline
11. Radium & Vandal - Fatty Fatty
12. Beatshock - Blood Stained Hurricane
13. The Sickest Squad & Randy - I Will Find You
14. Beatshock - My Immortal (Dedicated)
15. Dam - Methylmorphinan (Radium Remix)
16. Adrenokrome - Sample & Cutz
17. Digital Violence & Beatshock - Never Surrender
18. Beatshock - Party On
19. Skull Demon & Carles S - Troubles
20. Thorax - Crazy Bitch (Corruptive Chaos Remix)