Shoutbox: [19-10] ProPodziemie: This song is all rather trash, it is weak, when I do such shit I remove it immediately. There are millions of such shit on the internet, it is better to make 10 shit and learn something more on each subsequent one and then create one interesting piece in my opinion, and not just what most amateurs do by publishing something crap everywhere. ; D  xD

KyuubiRaver @ J-Core Mix #82

UK Happy Hardcore

Toegevoegd door: AkiraDark95 @

Bestandstype: 320 kbit MP3
Lengte: 00:32:41

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So we continue with this new upload schedule (even tho this mix gotten released 1 hour later than usual). If you like the mix please share and rate the mix. I hope you'll enjoy the mix  :D


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