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Audioholik @ Ultimate Saifam Classics Showcase

Early Hardstyle

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Welcome! This showcase is a re-run of a mix I did earlier containing all my favorite Saifam classics. This time it's a whopping 2 hours long!  :D All tracks are released in, or before 2003. As some of you know by now, these tracks are my roots and I still love them so much! Please enjoy listening!

LINK to 'Edizione 2003' >>
LINK to 'Edizione 2005' >>
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LINK to 'Edizione 2007' >>

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1. Giada - Diamond (Technoboy Remix)
2. Stardust - Stompin' Jack Flash (Giada Remix)
3. Hunter - Sweetie (Hardstyle Masterz Remix)
4. K-traxx - Freezing (2003 Remix)
5. Speedwave - Hear The Drummer Get Wicked (Raw Mix)
6. Pacific Link - Planetary Collapse (Original Mix)
7. Atlantic Wave - The Creation (Original Bangin' Mix)
8. Builder - Skyscraper (Luca Antolini Hard Mix)
9. Hunter - Follow The MC (Hardstyle Masterz Remix)
10. K-Traxx - Hardventure (Technoboy Remix)
11. Q-Zar - Moari Fight (Hardstyle Fight Mix)
12. Technoboy - Tales From A Vinyl (Chapter One)
13. Tuneboy - Demolition (Technoboy Remix)
14. Droid - Ce Ce Rhythm (Club Mix)
15. The KGB's - Hip Style (Stardust Remix)
16. Citizen - Taunus (Mustang mix)
17. Droid - Rave Train (The KGB's Remix)
18. Hardstyle Masterz - A.O.R.B. (Technoboy's Rude Mix)
19. The KGB's - The Disco Fan (Hardisco mix)
20. Citizen - Bangin' Man (Hardstyle Mix One)
21. K-Traxx - Noise Tool (Technoboy Remix)
22. The Hose - Call It Hardstyle (Original Mix)
23. TNT - First Match (Technoboy Mix)
24. The KGB's - Arsenic (2003 Remix)
25. Vector Two - Party People (The KGB's Remix)
26. Technoboy - Hardrive (Lesson Two)

Seizure -
Early Hardstyle/Core/Trance
"Audioholik added a new set" - instant like, then listen to the set.
Audioholik -
Haha, thanks for the confidence! Let me know how you liked it!  :thumbsup2:
Audioholik -
I also added a Spotify link.
Mike_L-84 -
Omg! These tracks never get bored.
Can not wait for your next mix!
Reverzer -
Bringing back some good old memorys!  :thumbsup2:  :worship:
Audioholik -
Listening that Technoboy @ Qlimax 2003 (april) liveset over and over, haha!  :bomb:  :bomb:
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