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Somniac One @ TNDB Podcast 18

Industrial Hardcore

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Lengte: 01:00:06

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For the 18th episode of the TNDB-podcast series, the lovely, but hard-hitting, Somniac One delivers a non-compromising industrial set. You think you know anything about industrial, think again.

Hailing from Lithuania, Somniac One is a young but already impressive producer. Having released EP's on the most prominent hardcore labels as PRSPCT and Ophidian's imprint Meta4, her sound and her productions are widely-viewed as insane. The last few years she has been making her debuts on all the great stages like Defqon. 1, Ground Zero, Decibel Outdoor and Masters Of Hardcore.

Blurring the boundaries between industrial techno and hardcore, Somniac One has an in-depth understanding of the intricacies regarding industrial. This results in insane mixes and even more insane productions.

Get ready for this special industrial hardcore tainted episode of TNDB. Strap yourselves in for quite a ride.

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1. Hypnotizer - The Light Is Leaving
2. Helios Is Dead - Tombstone
3. Tonal Verges - Essit Rekket
4. Perc ft. Aja Ireland - Spit
5. Ghost In The Machine - PSKTD (What Does It Mean?)
6. [KRTM] - Sleepwalker
7. 14anger - Saliva (Keepsakes Remix)
8. Embrionyc - Vespa Crabro
9. Schwefelgelb - Fokus (SΛRIN Remix)
10. The Outside Agency - Machine Slavery
11. [KRTM] & Thrasher - Placebo
12. Sei2ure - Chainsaw
13. Peaky Pounder - Viisi (N-Vitral Remix)
14. Somniac One - Estranged
15. Mindustries - The Perfect Machine
16. Marshall Masters - E-Day
17. Ophidian - Nurse
18. Sacerdos Vigilia - Granular Methods Of Empowerment
19. Ophidian - Phase shift
20. Dither - Total Chaos
21. Rave creator - A New Mind (Mix-A)
22. Tymon - Gucci
23. The Outside Agency & Fracture 4 - Belief Systems
24. Mindustries - The Arrival
25. Somniac One - Kill Everyone
26. Enzyme X - Hunt
27. Current Value - Mothman
28. The Outside Agency - The Alchemists