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Apzolut @ PRSPCT PDCST 060

Breakcore   Jungle

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Lengte: 00:35:57

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For PRSPCT PDCST 060 we got PRSPCT RVLT's Caribian Viking Apzolut to get behind his laptop for a full on Jungle/Metal/Breakcore/Rave assault!

This mix contains tracks taken from several releases that came out on PRSPCT + a ton of other out of the box insanity.

We dare you to hit Hit the play button!

Follow Apzolut:
Soundcloud: @apzolut

Check out Apzolut's brand new cassette release, forthcoming this weeks Friday (Nov 29th) on PRSPCT RVLT.

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1. Apzolut ft. MC Goatzak - Lee & James
2. Apzolut - The Dark
3. Apzolut - The Grave Spitter (Brullende Mensen Part 2)
4. Apzolut ft. MC Goatzak - Hendi Mondi
5. Apzolut - Oode
6. Apzolut - Cave In
7. Apzolut - Ooh Bwoy
8. Apzolut ft. MC Goatzak - Sonic Battlefield
9. Apzolut - Fearless Dreams
10. Apzolut - 2015 Drive
11. Apzolut - Continues End