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Tatanka @ Zanza Files Chapter 5


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his is the official Hardstyle video of 'Zanza Files Chapter 5' by Tatanka, released on Scantraxx.

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Italian stallion Tatanka has been devoted to Hardstyle since the get-go and his passion has shaped the genre in many ways. This respected DJ/producer has been responsible for an entire discography of legendary Tatanka tracks, as well as tracks from his other aliases. His approach to Hardstyle has been absolutely revolutionary and his productions will surely be appreciated for many years to come!

His special ‘Zanza Files’ project has seen Tatanka remastering and re-releasing many of his older tracks, dating back to as early as 2003. Spread over five EP’s in total. Chapter 5 will be the last set of tracks including remixes of well-known tracks like 'Eternal' and 'DJ's Life'. Tatanka's legacy is here to enjoy forever. This is Zanza Files Chapter 5!

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1. Tatanka - Mess Up (Mash Up)
2. Tatanka - Repumped
3. Zanza Labs - Control The Mind (Abject Remix)
4. T.A.T. - Track Addicted (Mind Hunterz Remix)
5. Tatanka - Eternal
6. Tatanka - Eternal (D-Mon Remix)
7. Tatanka - Eternal (Euphorizer Remix)
8. Tatanka - Eternal (Skyron Remix)
9. Tatanka - Eternal (Dokserz Remix)
10. T.A.T.A.N.K.A. Project - DJ's Life (Cyber Remix)
11. T.A.T.A.N.K.A. Project - DJ's Life (Enceladus Remix)
12. T.A.T.A.N.K.A. Project - DJ's Life (Pulserz Remix)
13. T.A.T.A.N.K.A. Project - DJ's Life (Raxtor Remix)
14. T.A.T.A.N.K.A. Project - DJ's Life (Electronic Vibes Remix)