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B-Front @ Qlimax 2019

Hardstyle   Raw hardstyle

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In this world of shadows, he is the one who unfolds the darkness. This was B-Front at Qlimax 2019.

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1. B-Front - Believe
2. B-Front - Mysterias
3. Wildstylez & Noisecontrollers - Cats, Jets, Breaks
4. B-Front & Adrenalize - Elektronic Symphony
5. Adaro & B-Front ft. Dawnfire - Touch A Star
6. Frequencerz ft. E-Life - Miami Vice
7. Psyko Punkz & B-Front & DV8 - Energy
8. B-Front & Myst - Power Of Dreams
9. B-Front & Aftershock - We Are All Stars
10. Sefa - Calling (Adaro Remix)
11. Phuture Noize & B-Front - My Beautiful Fantasy
12. Phuture Noize & B-Front - The Solution
13. B-Front - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Bootleg)
14. B-Front & Alpha² ft. Snowflake - Lost
15. B-Front - Thank God For Music
16. B-Front - Dark Moon
17. ID (B-Front - TBA)
18. B-Front & Deetox - Cosmos
19. B-Front & E-Force - Faith & Insanity

McBong [Set Editor] -
Did he really not play his anthem? Or was it played before he actually went on stage?
cal -
On 09-12-2019 20:33:23, McBong wrote:

Did he really not play his anthem? Or was it played before he actually went on stage?

They did an anthem show after Sound Rush and before D-Block & S-te-Fan.