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Contagious Madness @ Corecast 42


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Lengte: 01:01:30

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Christmas is upon us and what better way to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus with a banging industrial hardcore set right ?

Our next CORECAST is brought to you by a Spanish natural hardcore talent.
He started his musical journey in 2002 by playing in many local clubs in Spain.
As of late he's making some serious noise in the scene with his own brutal productions on the finest of labels.
Needless to say his skills got noticed fast and now he's playing at the biggest events.

Let's check out this dudes skills and hear what he's all about.
Get your Christmas groove on with an hour of pure industrial hardcore violence brought to you by the madman from Spain ...


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Gestemd door: JurneSleddens T.N.TACLE

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1. Contagious Madness ft. eDUB - Homicide
2. eDUB - Criminal
3. Tripped & Detest - Hardcore To The Penis
4. Angerfist - Send Me To Hell (The Satan Remix)
5. Contagious Madness - Cooked Cocaine
6. The Satan - Bass Feeling
7. Contagious Madness - Drop The Bomb
8. eDUB - Pink Rabbit (VIP)
9. Contagious Madness - Mindscrew
10. I:Gor - Straight Outta Funky Fresh
11. Contagious Madness - Fuck UP!
12. Contagious Madness & eDUB - Stuka
13. I:Gor - Deny
14. Contagious Madness - Work 4 Me
15. eDUB - Venom
16. Contagious Madness & Broken Minds - San Andreas (EDIT)
17. I:Gor - Start The Pit
18. Contagious Madness - Wicked
19. Contagious Madness ft. Iridium - Here We Go
20. The Satan - I See My Demonds
21. eDUB & Contagious Madness ft. MC Alee - The Final Destination (Ibiza Goes Hard 2019 Industrial Anthem)
22. The Satan - Virus
23. The Outside Agency - Locker Room Talk VIP - The Return of The Pussy Grabber
24. eDUB & Contagious Madness - Fakers
25. Miss K8 - Battlefield (The Satan Remix)
26. Iridium - Genezis (Contagious Madness Remix)
27. The Satan - Get The Fuck Up
28. Contagious Madness - Vietnam
29. Tha Playah - My Misery (N-Vitral Remix)
30. The Satan - Pick It Up