Shoutbox: [20:59] Devadander: Only MC I don't mind is Mouth of Madness. MC No ID has gotten better at not talking during sets lol also Villain is very annoying lol

dj distortion @ Homemix hardcore


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Vriend van me heeft een mix gemaakt. laat ff weten wat je ervan vind


1 evil activities- do you like bass
2 Dj Rob -coolman anthem
3 evil activities-my hidden place
4 mike ngr lost dreams(weapon x remix)
5 amneys- raw generation
6 neophyte- ultimate project
7 Tha playah imperial
8 nico and tetta-untouchables
9 tommyknocker- criminal
10 amneys- elevation
11 evil activities- nothing

djblacksun -
Fake Shit
evil activities- do you like bass

Hardcore_Motherfucker -
My hidden place?  :?
No Place to hide?  ^.^