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Distorted Dreams @ Origins (Studio Mix)

Hardtrance   Psytrance

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Hansolo [Set Editor] -
+ Psytrance?
pointlesspoint -
I'm afraid it's indeed some kind of Mainstream Pop Psy. That's what i can make of it checking .
Hardtrance maybe as extra label, but hard-ly entrancing this. The 'umpa umpa' bass sound is used in hardtrance, but also some NRG, certainly UK Hardhouse . It does share a few melodic psytrance elements from afar, not all tracks though. Some tracks i would classify as 'Eurotrance' looking at Ishkur's guide For 'Neotrance' it's too upfront, not minimal enough?

Les goƻts et les couleurs... .

(I like trance/goa/psy in small doses btw, just a bit different.)
Gewijzigd door pointlesspoint op 10-02-2020 19:51
pointlesspoint -
Just a minor thing Han, i wouldn't tag this 'hardhouse'. I was refering to the 'umpa umpa' bass the tracks have in common with some hardhouse, but i would not tag this as hardhouse nor NRG. Some garage also contains that bass sound, it's just an element of some of the tracks in this mix.
Hardtrance/psytrance tag suffices. Greetings!