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Audioholik @ Italian Masters Vol.4 Kat 'Alkolik'

Early Hardstyle

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LINK to previous Kat showcase >>

Please check out my new Italian Masters showcase! Vol. 4 is all about DJ Kat! Such an amazing (and forgotten!) early hardstyle producer. His nickname or suffix was always 'Alkolik'. I guess he liked a beer or some hard liquor  ;)

I certainly love these tracks very much! The variation in them is so cool. Expect some techno and jump influences.

Next Kat showcase will be a 'versus' with productions from Pincky. So please stay tuned!

Gestemd door: Mike_L-84 hardlogic Audioholik Seizure wafster Mako Micha82

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1. Krash - I'm The Master 2005 (Kat Remix)
2. Pincky - Here We Go (Kat Remix)
3. Kat - Autobiography
4. Tekkaman - Peace (Kat Alkolik Remix)
5. Kat - Techno Fucker (Original Mix)
6. Next Generation - The Dark Side (Kat Remix)
7. Tekkaman - Turntables (Original Mix)
8. Kat - F.U.
9. Hardside - Backlash (Kat Alkolik Mix)
10. Tekkaman - Bazztek (Kat Alkolik Remix)
11. Kat - Freestyle
12. Sisma DJ - Revenge (Kat Alkolik Remix)
13. Tekkaman - Fire (Kat Alkolik Remix)
14. KAT - Encore
15. Fabietto DJ - 828 (Tekkaman Remix)
16. Kat - Demolition
17. Tekkaman - Denz
18. Kat - Gimme Da Bass (Alkolik Mix)

Mike_L-84 -
Great man! You always know to find a variaty to make such cool mixes! Great job!
Audioholik -
Thanks for the kind words!  :thumbsup2:
Seizure -
Early&Dark Hardstyle/Core/Trance
Another great mix !
Audioholik -
Now also available on Spotify as a podcast  :beer:

Link added  :)
Roan456 -
I highly prefer your old Kat showcase, those tracks are more my style!