Stranger @ Crude Mix 19

Early Hardcore

Toegevoegd door: Constantine @

Bestandstype: 320 kbit MP3
Lengte: 01:03:11

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" @whoisstranger - a musical genius that clearly knows how to keep the perfect balance of getting your name out there without sacrificing the underground spirit.
With his extraordinary and captivating productions and mixes he is a true inspiration to thousands of music lovers and significantly distinguishes himself from everyone else.
Whilst focussing on his DJ Career, he continuously developed new exciting projects and always remained dedicated to his own labels such as Self Reflektion, Revenge Techniques or his creation as Tafkamp with the most impressive production record.
This electrifying rave mix he did for CRUDE is another proof for his incredible versatility and musical creativity.
Brace yourself for one hour of intensity and early rave magic with pounding, slapping and hard-hitting high speed weapons.
Stranger´s signature sound is characterised by the 90s old school Era with its heavy and nasty bass lines, groovy elements and sexy swag.

Further info:
@revenge-techniques "