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Penta @ Defqon.1 festival 2019

Industrial Hardcore

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Lengte: 00:57:55
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1. Excision - The Paradox
2. N-Vitral - Such Kick
3. [KRTM] & Khaoz Engine - Skanque (Tripped Remix)
4. Relapse - Armageddon
5. Jamie Dill - Engine
6. Dither - Mokerharde Kicks
7. D-Sturb & Malice - Drop Em Down
8. [KRTM] - Consumer (Epidemic Dancing)
9. [KRTM] & Igneon System - Jack No. 7
10. Penta - Faceoff
11. I:gor - Sparta
12. Angel - Industral Base (Ophidian Remix)
13. Penta - The Failure
14. DJIPE ft. The Purge - Reset
15. Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy
16. Tripped - F%cking Zutsu (ft. [KRTM])
17. Satronica - Life Blood Pain Death (Tymon Remix)
18. Penta - Filthy Fakkin Bass
19. JDA - Voel Je Die Bass (N-Vitral Remix)
20. I:Gor - Gimme Some More
21. Penta - War Crimes
22. Detest - 1 2 3
23. Penta - Everybody Jump
24. The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)
25. I:Gor - Game Tight
26. Dither - Make It Work
27. Angerfist - Street Fighter (Audiofreq Remix)
28. I:Gor - Total Confusion
29. E-Noid - Dx2r
30. Penta - Icecrown Massacre
31. Dolphin - Fluxus
32. Penta - Hiphop Drop (Gangsta VIP)
33. Dither - Alien Resistance (Sei2ure Remix)
34. N-Vitral - Crispy Bassdrum (Penta Remix)
35. DJ Mad Dog - Reset
36. Detest - Love Song (2017 VIP)
37. Tugie - Kill The Noise
38. Penta - Bassdrop
39. I:Gor - Loaded & Cocked
40. Penta & Tripped - Blood
41. Detest - You Can't Break Me (Penta Remix)

Hansolo [Set Editor] -
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Defqon.1 2019: Behind the music

With this post I want to give a little backstory to by far one the biggest rollercoaster of emotions: my personal defqon.1 experience, preparing and performing the set.

If you wanna hear an homage to my teens, my roots, the various key-points in my musical journey and lastly an homage to a great legend that was lost that year, then this is the set for you!

The set i prepared for Defqon last year was nothing short of, in my eyes, the set of a lifetime.

I was so happy to be back at defqon, with a great settime, i just knew it was time to prepare THAT set. Unfortunately, faith was against me that day as the sun was the only one who got to have HIS day. But that topic has already been talked about, so lets circle back to the main topic of this post.

Let us begin with the tracklist: ...

As you can see, it’s a mix of many styles and decades of music and it is exactly what I wanted to deliver. Not every track got played to its proper “right” (or fully came into its own, as they say in england) but every element served the role i planned for it.

The only tracks that HAD to be in there are these:

Jamie Dill – Engine
Aphex Twin - come to daddy
The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)

AKA: The three homages that had to be made THAT day.

Jamie dill – engine is a wink to a time of my life long long before i got into hardcore and is a timeless classic (just like the other 2 ofc)

Aphex Twin - Come to daddy; i could write a book on my relation to this track but I’ll just say that this was the favorite track to play, i really love how the little edit came out and goes into F%cking Zutsu, the moment where come to daddy dropped was definitely my most emotional part of the set.

The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix), well i think tis obvious why this one is in there, not something i had planned when i had the booking but something that i felt like i had to do. ive known this track longer than i can remember and given the circumstances this was the best suited track to include in my set and use to give the proper respect to the late Keith Flint. it took some time to mash the whole idea together but i think it got the tribute it deserved.

All in all i was very happy with the 3 little edits i made for my 3 homage-tracks, everything else was easy-peasy after these 3 cornerstones were made.

evidently i started the whole tracklist with these 3 and built everything around it, as you can hear, those areas are really full but they had to be in order to bring the individual tracks to its full merit. IMO There are more unique items in this set but i'll leave it to these 3 in particular.

The mixing and delivery of the set was far from the best i did and normally, i would not release a recording with improper mixing and/or bad quality, which both are the case for this set.

The recording also has many dips and odd reverbs coming in and out but due to the vivid ambience and personal meaning i just couldn’t bring myself to it and not have this set published.

So here we are, the set got posted, I hope you all don’t mind the minor flaws and can enjoy the set to its fullest, i could go on & on about the tracklist, the feels, the meaning and so on…

but i will just leave it at this : I have never been more proud or satisfied about a set, despite all the setbacks, than this set. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did preparing and playing it.

Much love to all those warriors that were there to face the sun and bring the epic vibe that echoes through the liveset

TL;DR: I think I picked cool tracks & I wanna nerd out about it

Thanks ❤
sanderb91 -
What a set! Loving the build up!
adv -
just realized that TL is incomplete:

Wreck reality - Real don is between

25. I:Gor - Game Tight
26. Dither - Make It Work