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D-Verze @ Raw Nation Podcast 12

Hardstyle   Raw hardstyle

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Welcome to the monthly Raw Nation Podcast!

This edition is one that's different from the rest.
The world is in a situation that a lot of people have never seen before.
Events are getting cancelled, people are getting sick, lot's of people are losing their jobs... It's unbelievable...
With lots of people sitting at home, we believe that one of the remedies to feel better is music, and that's why we will continue this podcast without any doubt! |
The guest of this months episode has been working really hard on his first album! Unfortunately a lot of his shows have been cancelled recently due to the corona virus...
We wish him and all the other artists the best in the near future and we are certain that we as a scene will come out of this situation better than ever before!

Keep yourself safe, stay at home, love your loved ones and don't forget.... The only remedy is music...

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1. D-Verze & Stratos - As One
2. Primeshock - The Jungle
3. D-Verze - Unconditional
4. Blademasterz - One Blade
5. D-Verze - Winds Of Change (Shockerz Edit)
6. D-Block & S-te-Fan - Bla Bla
7. D-Verze & Infirium ft. Els - The Introvert
8. Hardstyle Mafia & Infirium - Embers Rising
9. Vazard - Zimmersion 2.0
10. D-Verze - Crushed
11. Hatom - Killing Time
12. Ran-D & Clockartz - Victorious (Italian Edit)
13. D-Verze - Small Amounts of Anger
14. Chris One - Convictions
15. Zany & The Beholder - Do You Want Heavy?!
16. Criminal Mayhem - Blood Moon
17. Delete - Shut the Mind Up