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Partyraiser @ Masters Of Hardcore Livestream Hardcore Therapy


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Lengte: 00:40:33
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1. Partyraiser x Bulletproof x The Dark Horror - Here We Go
2. Bulletproof - No Mercy
3. Noxiouz & Jur Terreur - Baddest Motherf#ckers
4. Glitch - SMD
5. Distorted Voices - Lost In Dreams Mashup
6. Partyraiser vs Streiks & Kratchs - 40's For The Crew
7. Dimitri K - Fresh New Kicks
8. Distorted Voices - 3 To Get Ready
9. The Dark Horror x Yunke - Dance Like That
10. Nosferatu & Partyraiser - Street Shit
11. Hard Effectz - Back The F#ck Up
12. Lunakorpz - Turn Up!
13. Bulletproof - Gladiator (MBK Refix)
14. Insane S - Messed Up Vision
15. Partyraiser & MBK - Destroy The Subs
16. Bulletproof & Partyraiser - Bonnie & Clyde
17. Distorted Voices - Snakepit DJ Tool
18. Scarphase ft. Nick Nicolai - Ik Leef Voor Hardcore

Partylover1992 -

someone have downloaded all the livestreaming?!
Hansolo [Set Editor] -
The Facebook and Youtube links are offline  :?
Maybe the will be rebroadcasted the next days  :$
Colinjellema -
Partyraiser announced today on his Instagram account that his MOH Livestream set wil be online tomorrow on the Masters Of Hardcore Youtube Channel
cal -
Added the link to the set, restream was premiered today now most of the set is online, a little bit shorter than the 45 minutes listed.
Emoticons_Stole_My_Face -
Mostly dont like uptempo mixes but this is really good stuff and actually partyraiser mostly never dissapoints while mixing  :thumbsup2: