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Spitnoise vs. Barber @ Masters Of Hardcore Mayhem Episode #009


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Hey masters! We're back once again with another episode of MAYHEM. To get you out of your quarantine slump, we've invited two high-speed heroes to brighten the mood. For the next 90 minutes, you'll be subject to get totally destroyed by the savage sounds of Spitnoise and Barber.

We’re maintaining strict rules to secure the safety of the artists and people in the room. In between the sets we have a short break to disinfect the DJ booth and we will get back to you with Barber as soon as possible. In the meantime you’re able to watch a short video of Masters of Hardcore, get yourself a drink or got to the toilet. We hope for your understanding!

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EVENT 2020
Masters of Hardcore - Magnum Opus (25 years)
September 5th 2020
Brabanthallen, the Netherlands

EVENT 2021
Masters of Hardcore
March 27th 2021
Brabanthallen, the Netherlands

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1. Noxiouz & Jur Terreur - Baddest Motherf#ckers
2. ID (ID (Oh my god))
3. Trespassed - 2 Clips Bitch
4. Hardbouncer - Maniac Mashup
5. Spitnoise - 200 BPM Mash-Up 4.0
6. ID (ID)
7. Glitch - SMD
8. Partyraiser vs Streiks & Kratchs - 40's For The Crew
9. Rob Da Rhythm - Live Tonight (F. Noize Remix)
10. System Overload - Pedal To The Metal (Insane S Remix)
11. ID (ID)
12. Malice & Luminite - Death Destruction (Glitch Edit)
13. Miss Enemy & Insane S - Master's of Delirium
14. DJV & Mind Compressor - 6.1.9
15. Twins Enemy - Trashup #1
16. Lunakorpz - Turn Up!
17. Tharoza - Chicken Stuffing (Kick Edit)
18. ID (ID)
19. Abaddon - Don't Give A F#ck (Lunakorpz Edit)
20. ID (ID)
21. ID (ID (Fuck that bitch))