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Mad Dog @ Masters Of Hardcore Livestream Hardcore Therapy


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Mad Dog is here to start your weekend with a set by Squere. We are here to give you the best when it comes to hard dance music. New experiences are waiting, recorded on exclusive locations just for you. Stand up and dance with us!

The ‘Hardcore Therapy’ Livestream gave you heavy hardcore session to listen to! Re-Style, Mad Dog, Angerfist, Deadly Guns and Partyraiser brought Masters of Hardcore from the Brabanthallen, straight into your living room on the 28th of March.

The next phase of your ‘Hardcore Therapy’. The Masters of Hardcore anthem maker Mad Dog made sure you're ready to fight, fight fight!


EVENT 2020
Masters of Hardcore - Magnum Opus (25 years)
September 5th 2020
Brabanthallen, the Netherlands

EVENT 2021
Masters of Hardcore
March 27th 2021
Brabanthallen, the Netherlands

Your daily dose of hardcore, updated frequently. Follow the playlist on Spotify:

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1. Mad Dog & Dave Revan - Magnum Opus (Official Masters of Hardcore 2020 anthem)
2. DJ Mad Dog & Dave Revan - Dogfighter
3. ID (ID - ID)
4. Odium & GridKiller - The Curse
5. DJ Mad Dog - Atmosphere
6. Broken Minds & AniMe - Absolute Power
7. DJ Mad Dog & The Stunned Guys - Nothing Else Matters (Kick Edit)
8. Blaster & Project Core - Begins
9. Endymion - Rock The Part-E (DJ Mad Dog Remix)
10. Dither - Look Alive
11. DJ Mad Dog & Tha Playah - Embrace The Fire
12. AniMe - Playing Terror + Caine - Underground Movement (Edit) (Mashup)
13. Angerfist & DJ Mad Dog - From The Ashes
14. DJ Mad Dog & Dave Revan - Maze of Martyr (Official Dominator 2017 anthem)
15. AniMe - Detonate 2019
16. DJ Mad Dog - Laughing Loud
17. DJ Mad Dog - Dogfight
18. Anime - Rock this Place
19. DJ Mad Dog - XTC
20. Nosferatu & DJ Mad Dog - Weapon of Choice
21. DJ Mad Dog - Not My Tempo
22. Evil Activities & DJ Mad Dog - 911
23. Bloodfire - The Otherside
24. DJ Mad Dog - Where The Sun Never Shines
25. Blaster & Deterrent Man - Activation
26. ID (ID - ID)
27. DJ Mad Dog & AniMe - Come Get Some
28. DJ Mad Dog - Reset