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Hardnoize @ Going Way Back In Time Mix


Toegevoegd door: hardnoize @

Gestemd door: xeLL

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1. King Bee- Back By Dope Demand(Straight Up)
2. M|A|R|R|S- Pump Up The Volume
3. Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock- It Takes Two
4. MC Duke- I'm Riffin(Instrumental)
5. Eric B & Rakim- Follow The Leader
6. Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock- Joy And Pain(World To World Remix)
7. Run DMC- Walk This Way
8. Confetti's- The Sound Of C
9. Four Jacks- In The Mix(Vocal)
10. Professor Funk & The House Brothers- Work The Beat
11. The Beatmasters- Burn It Up
12. Krush- House Arrest(The Beat Is The Law)
13. Brandon Cooke Featuring Roxanne Shante- Sharp As A Knife(Acid Instrumental)
14. The Maxx- Cocaine
15. Boomer T- Sample This(Yeah Box Mix)
16. Silver Bullit- Bring Forth The Guillotine(The Ben Chapman Remix)
17. Hashim- Al-Naafiysh(The Soul)
18. Afrika Bambaataa And The Soul Sonic Force- Looking For The Perfect Beat(Instrumental)
19. Raze- Jack The Groove
20. 2 Hyped Brothers & A Dog- Doo Doo Brown(Club Mix)
21. 2 Hyped Brothers & A Dog- Ya Rollin' Doo Doo(Instrumental)
22. Joe Smooth- Promised Land(Club Mix)
23. Tuff Crew- My Part Of Town(Remix)
24. D-Mob Featuring Gary Haisman- We Call It Acieed(The Living Beat Remix)
25. Kraze- The Party(Club Mix)
26. Paula Abdul- Straight Up(Kevin Saunderson House Mix)
27. Musto & Bones- Dangerous On The Dancefloor(Club Remix)
28. Astrospider- Don't Be Afraid(The Psykik Vitamin)
29. Sonik Expander- E-Jump-E
30. Frank De Wulf- I Love You
31. Flex- Pump Up The Sound
32. The Mackenzie- Cyclotron(Atomic Kick Mix)
33. Master Techno- Check It Out
34. Project One- A Great Day
35. Frankie Bones- Call It Techno(Belgium 90's Mix)
36. Nobody- Sad, But True
37. Paula Abdul- Forever Your Girl(Saunderson-Grosse House Of Love Mix)
38. Gateway Experience- Twin Freaks
39. Remy Presents The Traveller- Just Me
40. Interface- Wankwear
41. React 2 Rhythm- Intoxication(Dubfield Mix)
42. Dub Collective- The Light
43. Outlander- The Vamp
44. Public Energy- Three ‘O Three/Paula Abdul- Cold Hearted(Percapella)
45. Pink Noise- Gimme Some More(Energy)Energy Revised Club Mix)
46. Public Energy- B.S.G.
47. Digital Domain- I Need Relief
48. Messiah- There Is No Law
49. Messiah- There Is No Law(New York Stylee)
50. The Nighttripper- Subconscious
51. Underground Resistance- Belgian Resistance
52. Underground Resistance- The Seawolf
53. Motion 1- X-plosion Of A Dancemode(Exploding Remix)
54. Dr. Fernando!- Acetone Brain Powder