Shoutbox: [26-02] Swampthing: Does anyone know if there are big packs / collections of livesets from certain festivals somewhere? Some festivals have 100s of artist which makes it a big challenge to collect all the livesets individually.

Coone & Hard Driver @ Global Dedication 055


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Presented By Coone.

Global Dedication is a podcast created by the purest dedication of Hard Dance! Coone’s personal touch and your lively input on each episode will form the creation of the next month's episode.

Use your voice to shape the Global Dedication podcast and join in the discussion using the hashtag #GlobalDedication on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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1. Coone ft. Jelle Van Dael - Superman (The Elite Edit)
2. Da Tweekaz & Sound Rush ft. XCEPTION - Thunder
3. Brennan Heart - Outcasts (Toneshifterz & Code Black Remix)
4. Refuzion ft. Rainage - Summer In Your Eyes
5. Devin Wild ft. Michael Jo - Trouble
6. D-Sturb & Sogma & E-Life - Hold On
7. Audiotricz & Ecstatic ft. MERYLL - You
8. Unsenses - Glow
9. KELTEK & B-Front - Step Into The Game (Official Intents Festival 2020 Anthem)
10. Cygnus X - Superstring (Aftershock Bootleg)
11. Coone - Aladdin On E
12. Frontliner - Losing Control
13. Galactixx - You Can Do It All
14. Sub Zero Project - The Silence (Of My Sins)
  No Rest For The Wicked
15. Max Enforcer & Hard Driver - Before I Wake
16. Adaro & Rejecta - Strong
17. LNY TNZ & Crude Intentions - Command
18. Ran-D & Villain - MGFY (FCK Corona Edit)