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Dr. Peacock pres. Peacock In Concert @ Defqon.1 at Home


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Peacock in Concert at the Pyramid of Austerlitz. During the already historical Defqon.1 at Home edition of 2020, Dr. Peacock and his team decided to team up with extraordinary visionaries to create a once in a lifetime performance. In the heart of the Netherlands, a concert took place that had never been done before and will be remembered forever. Relive the show that touched millions of people—connecting them with what they love the most: the harder styles of music.

“The show must go on”—Q-dance ????

Producer & DJ - Dr. Peacock (Steve Dekker)
Violin - Kim de Beer
Pianist - Sacha Hoedemaker
Guitarist - Jochem Thomas
Vocals - Adina Uihlein
Storytelling - Da Mouth of Madness (Sietse van Daalen)

Production - Spark — content creation
Drone - JVLFilms
Camera - DN Videoproducties,, Maaike Kaslander Photography
Audio recording & equipment - M-Sound
Management - Rens Greveling

Special thanks to: Q-dance, Marielle & Gert
Broadcasted during Defqon.1 at Home (2020)

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6. Dr. Peacock & D-Frek - Ode to Madness
7. Dr. Peacock - Vive La Volta (Sefa Remix)
8. Da Mouth of Madness - Storytelling
9. Dr. Peacock ft. Da Mouth Of Madness - Frenchcore Worldwide
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