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Laurent Ho @ Insel Berlin

Early Terror

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hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
quality is aweful  >.<
mrbobross -
I didn't post it for the music but rather for the video.

raver070 -
The soundquality is indeed aweful, but it's great to see the Berlin hardcore scene in late 90's!

Unfortunately, my first visit to Berlin was in 2000 (so I missed this rave...I missed many raves  ;)) but it was completely diffrent then what you had/have in Holland.
For example: I went to the old Tresor. They played techno in the mainroom and terror in the basement.
You never had that in Holland, the combination of those styles in 1 venue.

To cut a long story short: nice to watch this recording for nostalgic/historical reasons.
raver070 -
Thanks for url, gonna check it!