Shoutbox: [13:19] DelugeOfSound: I was at jefqon, I believe most sets have been recorded including video. Keep an eye on the yt channel

Da Shadowlander @ Hardcore Maniacs Official Podcast Millennium Vinyl Set


Toegevoegd door: Hansolo @

Lengte: 00:56:33

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Hello hardcore DJ’s !
in 2020 we will continue with our weekly official Hardcore Maniacs Podcast. All styles of hardcore are welcome.
If you would like to help us, make an exclusive mix and send it to us and we will upload it to our official soundcloud page.
For more info:

How to send the mix:
> Send the download link of your mix, this can be a soundcloud private link, wetransfer or zippyshare
> Name the mix: “YOUR_DJ_NAME – Hardcore Maniacs Official Podcast 2020”
> Send us your artist page & info
> Send everything to:

> All mixes must be at least 60 minutes long
> Only .MP3 or .WMA format is accepted (no .WAV)
> Quality should be minimum 192 kbps
> Mix must be made exclusive for us and can’t be uploaded anywhere else
> Send the tracklist if you have it
> All styles of hardcore are welcome