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Desudo & Fraw @ Fear The Gear Podcast


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Gearbox welcomes back it's monthly podcast hosted by label owner Desudo. We go through the latest releases of Gearbox as well as the best of Raw from other labels too. This month we also welcome Fraw for a guest mix who is celebrating his recent release 'Rhythm'

For the entire set without voiceover just head to spotify and search for the playlist '❌ Raw Hardstyle ⚙️ Updated Daily ❌' by Gearbox Digital

You will also find the entire setlist there with the exception of tracks that are not released yet.

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1. Brutalize - Garden Of Rave
2. Ncrypta & Fraw - Omega
3. Fraw - Rhythm
4. Fraw & Luminite - Death Ritual
5. The Straikerz & Fraw - Break Your Bones
6. Sickmode & Fraw - I Don't Give A F#ck
7. Fraw & Lea König - Equality
8. Fraw - Cyberspace
9. Fraw - Rebirth