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Clara Cuvé @ Intercell Podcast 038


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Ringing the alarm with March's podcast is musician Clara Cuvé. Piercing right through these desolate days like a point 50 caliber bullet.

Clara Cuvé does not relinquish pace nor energy. Her roots go back to the classical piano in which she was trained since the age of four. Clara's deep love of music naturally leads her to accumulate a record collection throughout the years, which she deploys during her energetic sets ranging from fast and groovy Techno to Breakbeat, Jungle and Hardcore, always focusing on groove and dynamics.

After becoming part of the Munich label Stock5 (@stock5) and their monthly event series at Rote Sonne (@rotesonne), she made her way to Berlin, where she became a resident for the infamous event series Mess that took place at OHM and started touring all over the world. In 2020 she released her debut track "Control "on Kobosil's (@kobosil) R-Label Group's first compilation "Sektion 1 ", a hard pounding Techno banger with a haunting voice and mesmerizing synth line.

Artwork by Ilse Kind