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Dr. Peacock & Sefa @ Defqon.1 at Home 2021 Livestream present: Symphony of Freedom


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After months of work, many challenges, and long hours in the studio, Sefa and I created a show that will last a lifetime.

Together with a wonderful crew of audiovisual experts and musicians, we combined forces to produce our biggest project so far.

Special thanks to Q-dance for letting us premiere the show at the home of the harder styles, Defqon.1.

We would like to thank you, the fans, for your undying support.

Special thanks to
Ruud & Deniz (Boat "De Vrijheid")
Heroes 4 Life (Charity)
Stijn Verlinde (Director)
Epic Cinema (Camera crew)
Auke Brinkman (Camera)
Dami Nichit (Camera)
Maruca Hortulanus (Make-up)
Danielle van de Veeken (Photography)
Rin Hortulanus (Photography)
Adina (Singer)
Jochem Thomas Kok (Electric guitar)
Sacha Hoedemaker (Piano/recording)
Mechteld Karlien (Harp)
Ewa Pepper (Violin)
Kim de Beer (Violin)
Sietse van Daalen (Storyteller)
Jurienne Sax (Clarinet)
Susann Huber (Cello)
Frederik Hartog (Accordeon/acoustic guitar)
M-Sound (Sound/light)
Jim Breetveld (Tourmanager)
Sai (Guru)
Claire Lagarde (Platinum Agency)
Koen Hulsbosch (Q-dance)
Demy van Niftrik (Q-dance)
Yoma Schertz (Recording)
Pa Peacock (Catering)
Ricardo Carota (Catering)

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1. Sefa & Dr. Peacock - Symphony of Freedom (Pirates Bootleg)
2. Sefa & Dr. Peacock ft. Chrono - Das Boot
3. Adaro & B-Front ft. Dawnfire - Touch A Star (Dr. Peacock Remix)
4. Dr. Peacock & Sefa - Incoming
5. Sefa - Tourdion
6. Dr. Peacock - Tri Martolod
7. Sefa - Fly
8. Sefa - Be Free
9. Dr. Peacock & Da Mouth of Madness - The Future
10. ID (ID)
11. Dr. Peacock & Sefa - Adagio
12. Sefa & Dr. Peacock - Die!
13. Sefa & Dr. Peacock - World Of The Dream
14. Sefa & Dr. Peacock - Flowing Rivers
15. Dr. Peacock & Sefa - The Universe
16. Dr. Peacock & Sefa - This Life is Lost
17. Dr. Peacock - Trip to Italy (Sefa 2021 Remix)
18. Dr. Peacock & Sefa - Come On
19. Dr. Peacock - Enough For The Future (Hyrule War Remix)
20. Sefa & Dr. Peacock - Everything Is A Lie
21. Dr. Peacock - Trip to Valhalla
22. Sefa & Dr. Peacock - Illusions
23. Sefa & Dr. Peacock - Keelhauled
24. Nyocore - Mr. Blue (Sefa Edit)

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