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Alpha² @ Hardhouse Generation (Club Fresh / Fresh FM)


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Laatst gewijzigd door: Hansolo @

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Lengte: 00:56:57

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For real Hardstyle lovers, not this new kind bulls*it (N), this is what we love, this is how we do, THIS IS THE REAL THING ( L )

Gestemd door: djblacksun A-BASS hostage kevikk OldschoolRaver Nitrogen knarfieboy Xerxes B.A.S.H Q-Sonic djdesudo savageywk Holephet Noiser69 Kremer IceManPr0 TerrorKaas1992 oblivion333 donkeyrollers Dakpan Deserteagles Wojtek Legolas --B-- [deleted user] Morricone Pithune SilvioAquila [deleted user] NeRk hardstyleaddict Tanic ReLeX dhter Timmeehh Basscontrollerz Nois3controll3r Sandstorm421 Sleeb cherox SoundTrader Ozuma LotusEater EvilBurny Vinner Dev Paxton Zanza j0rrit Bex jkb sinenV View all ratings
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2. B-Front - My Style
3. Automatic DJZ - Mad Lay Number Four
4. Brennan Heart vs. Unknown Analoq - Midimash
5. Technoboy - Into Dub
6. Alpha² - Sick MF (Remix)
7. Zairon - Deep Into Your Soul (Zatox Remix)
8. Equal Mindz - Hard Minded (Mindhunterz Remix)
9. DJ Luna meets Trilok & Chiren - Pain
10. Alpha² vs. Seizure - Drop The Beats Out
11. Alpha² vs. Trilok & Chiren - Initial Attack
12. Ran-D & MC Rems - T.B.Y.D.

kevikk -
Ik ben getrouwd met mijn muzie
@@@@@@@ still gettin @@@  :S
djdesudo -
Gearbox Owns The Night
06. Alpha² - Sick MF (Remix)
08. Equal Mindz - Hard Minded (Mindhunterz Remix)
savageywk -
this set is pounding  :yay:

Alpha² bringing it hard as always  :worship:
Boomrups -
The other set was added on 13 feb 2008, not 2007  ;) get it?
Dakpan -
No Hostages
Xerxes, je loopt zelf altijd te zeiken op mensen die hardcore minnen omdat ze van hardstyle houden, maar je doet nu zelf exact hetzelfde...

Gekke Belg
Wojtek -
Alpha²  :w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:
DJ-... -
Hardstyle Or No Style!!
Alpha² vs Seizure - Drop The Beats Out  :yay:
Overbizz -
On 09-08-2009 13:25:06, DJ-... wrote:

Alpha² vs Seizure - Drop The Beats Out  :yay:

x2  :thumbsup2:
Pithune -
Mass Vibrant
rough set  :L
SilvioAquila -
this set is made in 2007
nice drive pumping set!
NeRk -
ÑaM ÑaM!
what a fucking bomb set  :bomb:  :bomb:  :yay:  :worship:
Norac80 -
Kremer -
Ran-D & MC Rems - T.B.Y.D.  :thumbsup2:

Wie heeft hem?  :W  :p
SoundTrader -
▓\/▓ ▓\▓ ▓\/▓ ▓_
I love this set  (L), this is my HS  :yay:
Dev -
Doctor Love
On 09-08-2009 13:46:40, Overbizz wrote:

Alpha² vs Seizure - Drop The Beats Out

x2  :thumbsup2:

x3! Bangin' set!  :worship:
DjPractice -
probably the greatest set that has ever been on Hardhouse Generation (maybe except for Deepack in Jan 2006)

B-Front - My Style  (L)  (L)
Equal Mindz - Hardminded (Mind Hunterz remix)  :L  :L
sinenV -
djpractice pls reupload
Hansolo [Set Editor] -
On 22-08-2013 08:27:37, sinenV wrote:

djpractice pls reupload

Mixcloud link added  :)