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Kenny Campbell @ Doomcore Records Pod Cast 008

Early Terror

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Kenny Campbell hardly needs an introduction: a DJ and producer who for quite some time has made a lot of noise (literally!) in the Scottish and international Hardcore scene.
With his label Pitch Dark Records and his own productions he is known for killer and hard-as-nails Techno productions. For the Doomcore Records Pod Cast series he brings us something else, though: a mix full of tracks from the faster and more frantic side of Dark and Doomed Hardcore, straight from the 90s. An onslaught of beats, speed and distortion that would make any dancefloor crowd go mental. Underlined with bittersweet darkness and sombre moods.
A trip to a dark past.

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1. Stickhead - Desperate Demolition
2. Loftgroover & The Maniac - Kneel Before Me (Industrial Strength Remix)
3. Asylum MD - Cold As Steel
4. F.U.H.D. - Violence II
5. Bold Bob - Dive Into Steel
6. DJ Freak - Korea
7. The Kotzaak Klan - Bang Your Fuckin' Head
8. Spike - Scalien
9. DJ Freak - Whatever Happened To Rotterdam
10. Traffik - Afraid Of The Dark
11. Jack Lucifer - Endless Horrors
12. Agent Death/The Maniac - The Homage Trak
13. Gangstar.Toons.Industrie - Eraze
14. Berzerker - Koala, Fish, Mutant, Bird
15. Traffik - Surrender
16. Sonic Dragolgo - Ponk
17. GGM - Cockrot
18. E-De Cologne & Eradicator - Fuck Collection