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F. Noize & Bulletproof @ BrunkEvents Invites F. NøIzE & Friends Show 5


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BrunkEvents Invites F. NøIzE & Friends Show Hosted by MC Prime.

We are going to the next round!
we may proudly present you a enormous set, get ready for Bulletproof.

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This set includes tracks by Bulletproof and other artists.

BrunkEvents does not make any money with the upload.

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Loading up and preparing to strike you down with her ruthless weaponry, femme fatale Bulletproof is a true vision of ferocity and fire.

Bulletproof’s big debut was in 2018 and ever since, this DJane has found herself on the bill for a-class events, including Masters of Hardcore, Dominator, Defqon.1, Ibiza Goes Hard and Intents Festival among others.

Don’t be fooled by this bombshell’s beauty – Bulletproof has proven herself with monster hits such as “Code Red,” and “Killer,” “Paperback” with Lady Dammage “TNT,” “Monster” and her Ground Zero 2019 anthem “The Dark Elements” with partner-in-crime Partyraiser. Her signature and brutal high-energy Uptempo sound leaves no one safe! In 2020 Bulletproof made a statement like no other with her debut album “No Mercy”, which topped the charts and gained immense popularity with its diverse and catchy range of bangers.

Plotting more dangerous attacks on speaker-systems worldwide, you won’t be prepared for what Bulletproof will fire upon you next!


MC Prime:


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1. Hard Effectz - Dream Chaser
2. Bulletproof - Swing The Hammer
3. Omistettu - Pirat Mentallity
4. Unlocked - Roots
5. The Motordogs - Plaguemon
6. Noxiouz ft. MC Robs - Machine Gun
7. Bulletproof - No Mercy
8. Eraized & Coldax - How You Do
9. Revealer - Heaven
10. Bulletproof & Nosferatu - Boombox
11. Partyraiser x Bulletproof x The Dark Horror - Here We Go
12. Chaotic Brotherz - Get Fcked Up
13. ID (ID)
14. ID (ID)
15. ID (ID)
16. ID (EQUAL2 - ID)
17. EQUAL2 - Are You Ready
18. Distorted Voices - Uptempo Mashup 9.0
19. Bulletproof & Partyraiser - Bonnie & Clyde
20. Partyraiser - You Ain't Telling Me Shit
21. Bulletproof - Bad Week
22. Scarphase - I'm The Greatest
23. Chaotic Brotherz - Revolution
24. MBK & eDUB - Fuck You In The Meth Lab [Kick-Edit Aggressive Distortion ft. Majestikz]