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Thumpa @ Mastervibe 'Lost Rebelion' Album Mix

Early Hardcore

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The new Mastervibe album of madness and mayhem is NOW available to purchase. Go listen via Clarkee's website and then email Thanks for your patience its a belter. Please share and tell ya friends in groups and on street corners. Masteribe is back!

AREA72LP - Mastervibe - Lost Rebellion

30 year techno/jungle/drum and bass dj and producer returns with an epic album of mashed up, screwed up, jungle tekno gabber mayhem yet again The album fuses rarely heard tracks, dubplates, new joints and bad asss remixes. The Midlands born, Kernow living, Australian based madman shows that his productions not only stand the test of time but continue to say a big FOOK YOU to the establishment and 'new rave' scene and pays homage to the glory days. OI OI...wheres the shire crew then....HAV IT!!!!! God save Mastervibe and his Lost Rebellion!!!!!

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