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Irradiate feat. Da Mouth Of Madness , Republic & Hard Effectz @ Irradiate & Friends Special


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Hosted by DJ Distortion of Rotterdam Terror Corps

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  Irradiate ft. Da Mouth Of Madness
1. ID (Irradiate & Da Mouth Of Madness - ID)
2. Deadly Guns x Irradiate - Lost Faith
3. Imperial & Irradiate - Fast Life
4. Imperial - #ForeverGrindin'
5. Dither & Da Mouth Of Madness - Veilinghallen
6. Deadly Guns - The Brotherhood
7. Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams (Irradiate Bootleg)
8. Neroz & Irradiate - Forged In Fury
9. Irradiate - One Night Stand
10. DRS & Irradiate ft. Madsin - My Soul
11. Deadly Guns x Trespassed - The Crackdown
12. DRS x Irradiate x Tha Watcher - Warriors
13. Irradiate & Hardstyle Pianist ft. Diandra Faye - Rebel Heart
14. Furyan & Irradiate - Like a Drug (1)
15. Irradiate - Burn
16. Irradiate - Last Breath
17. Irradiate & MC Katic - Lone Wolf
18. Irradiate - Paparazzi
19. Thyron - Hate Me (Live Edit) (1)
20. DRS vs Irradiate - My Cage

Rocko [Set Editor] -
If someone could translate what they said in their interview after the set (Irradiate & Mouth Of Madness).
Would be coo. Ty  :)
hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
♪ ♫♫ ♪
Q: What surprise did we just hear?
A Irradiate: First track, first collab ..
A Mouth Of Madness: What can i say .. It's a track from my album. The album it almost finished, but i have no date yet. But i can say it will feature Irradiate, you just heard the track with Dither .. also Lil Texas, Droks, Angernoizer, Vandal!sm, Billx, Dr. Peacock. My album is a bit autobiography. With the tracks I tell about certain periods throughout my career. The track from today was about the people who we lost and how we gabbers i think deal with this. I'm very happy i was able to work with this talent Irradiate. He was able to put in the emotion.
A Irradiate: We try to make the emotion felt in the tracks and that it also tells a story.

*short version
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hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
♪ ♫♫ ♪
I guess #5 is Da Mouth Of Madness with Dither ..after listening to the interview
Rocko [Set Editor] -
Thanks a ton hardcorerepublic! Will definitely check out his album.
hito -
facebook video link added  :thumbsup:

"14. Irradiate & Furyan - Like A Truck" is removed from youtube video
and "Irradiate - Burn" was played after that