Shoutbox: [30-11] ThaClown: meh, listened some stuff on SC. Southfrap Alliance has some nice early-sounding tracks, there's definately some good stuff there. La Zone is not really my thing, much of the same

Tha Kronik @ Theory Of Core Podcast 207

Hardcore   Early Hardcore

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Listening to the fourth part of the podcast series "ITALIAN EDITION" from our Italian resident, DJ and producer Tha KroniK

Recall that Fabrizio recorded several special mixes, using tracks with Italian vocals and references to them.

mix recorded in EARLY HARDCORE style





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01. Corrente Elettrica feat. Roberto Francesconi - Corrente Elettrica (DJ Risso Gabber Mix)
02. Digital Boy - Salta
03. The Stunned Guys - Bim Bum Bam
04. DJ Maxx feat. DJ Giangy & DJ Buby - Tu Fumi
05. The Destroyer - Khorona - Nooo!!!
06. DJ Maxx feat. DJ Giangy & DJ Buby - Musica Nevrotica (DJ Maxx Brainblaster Mix)
07. Dutch Verg - Bestial
08. DJ Buby feat. The Stunned Guys - Nooooo
09. The Wishmaster - Slave To The Empire
10. DJ Buby feat. The Stunned Guys - AEIOU