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Luca S @ Early Rave Hardcore Set Episode 5

Early Hardcore   Hardcore

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Lengte: 01:10:25

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Vecchi ricordi del number one anni 90s e OLTRE mixati da me. Spero sia di vostro gradimento. Alzate il volume al massimo e divertitevi. Set fatto al volo.

Old memories of the number one years 90s and BEYOND mixed by me. I hope you enjoy it. Turn up the volume to maximum and enjoy yourself.Set done on the fly.

200 to 270 bpm

Gestemd door: luca-s Dooter
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1. Darrien Kelly vs. Bass-D & King Matthew - Put Ya Hands Up
2. Bald Terror - Rotterdam - (Darrien Kelly Remix)
3. Neophyte vs The The Stunned Guys - Get This Motherfuckers
4. Masters Of Ceremony - Mass Hysteria
5. Neophyte vs The Stunned Guys - Beat Is Coming
6. Masters Of Ceremony - Hardcore To Da Bone
7. Bruyaa & Ozonic - Peace To Eazy
8. Neophyte Vs. The Stunned Guys - Peace To The DJ's
9. Bruyaa & Ozonic - Evolution
10. Simon Underground - Die
11. DJ Buzz Fuzz - Frequencies (DJ Dano's Ludwig Mf Hardcore Remix)
12. Geronimo - Caps
13. D-Boy Bad Boys - Bad Kick
14. Industrial Terror Squad - Can't Truss'em
15. Industrial Terror Squad - Real Gangstaz
16. Industrial Terror Squad - It's Terror
17. Stickhead & Don Demon - Demonhead
18. Rottencore - Eh Guy Get The
19. Rottencore - GGM Tribute

Dooter -
I love UK hardcore / Frenchcore
Dooter -
I love UK hardcore / Frenchcore
Industrial Terror Squad - Real Gangstaz What a good track  (L)
luca-s -
On 22-09-2021 16:48:47, Dooter wrote:

Industrial Terror Squad - Real Gangstaz What a good track  (L)

On 22-09-2021 16:48:07, Dooter wrote:


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