Paul Elstak vs. Never Surrender & MC Boogshe @ Dominator 2021 - We Will Prevail The Spectacle


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Total escalation during the Paul Elstak & Never Surrender We Will Prevail set with Boogshe!
Relive it now!

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1. Paul Elstak & The Viper & Boogshe - Rave, Rinse, Repeat
2. Never Surrender ft. How To Loot Brazil - Waking Up The Dead (Extended Mix)
3. Never Surrender ft. His Dad - King
4. Paul Elstak & Restrained - Toxic People
5. Bulletproof & Paul Elstak & Boogshe - We Live Forever (Radio Edit)
6. Never Surrender ft. Nancy - Devil Spirits
7. N-Vitral & Never Surrender - Wij Gaan Harder
8. Paul Elstak - Cut The Midrange (Drop The Bass)(Extended Mix)
9. Never Surrender - Who I Am
10. DJ Paul Elstak & New Kids - Turbo (D-Fence Decade Mix)