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Ran-D @ Madness: Year One


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We say goodbye to the summer with the live recordings of our very special summer happening. In July, we've invited 100 guests to reunite with us and celebrate the love for Hardstyle. This was Madness: Year One. The beginning of a better future - at the Seepark Zülpich (DE).

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Big thanks to all the artists who participated in this project:
Sound Rush
Sub Zero Project

A massive shout out to our dedicated crew:
Light & sound:

Film (ground team):
Pasindu Goldmann
Ara Ashty
Lukas Grenzhäuser
Juup Van Lokven
Stef Rievers
Rafael Quesada
Luk Marx
Domenico Anzaldi
Thilo Vogt

Drone (KenFPV):
Ken Jan Köster
Jan Cmiel

Drone (Pacemaker):
Jerome Tiaden
Andrea Sommer

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1. Ran-D & Sound Rush ft. LePrince - We Are The Storm
2. Ran-D - Living For The Moment (2020 Remix)
3. Kronos & Adaro - Up 2 No Good
4. Ran-D & D-Sturb ft. XCEPTION - Dance With The Devil
5. Frequencerz - Brave The Storm (Radianze Remix)
6. Ran-D ft. Xception & Diesel - Heaven & Hell
7. Gunz For Hire - Seek & Destroy
8. Gunz For Hire - Hard Knock Life
9. Ran-D & Villain - Corona Go Fck Yourself