Shoutbox: [30-11] ThaClown: meh, listened some stuff on SC. Southfrap Alliance has some nice early-sounding tracks, there's definately some good stuff there. La Zone is not really my thing, much of the same

Deadly Guns @ Dominator 2021 - We Will Prevail The Spectacle


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1. Dither & Deadly Guns & Warface - We Always Rise
2. Deadly Guns & Paul Elstak - The Ultimate Paul Mash Up
3. ID ((Deadly Guns - From The Underground?))
4. Deadly Guns & Irradiate - Lost Faith
5. E-Force & Deadly Guns ft. Carola & Livid - Inflict The Pain
6. Bloodlust & Deadly Guns - Chase The Dragon
7. Papa Roach - Last Resort (Warface & Deadly Guns Bootleg)
8. Deadly Guns x Malice - The Upside Down
9. Deadly Guns & Dither - Sick in the Head (Radio Edit)
10. Deadly Guns & Killshot - Loca
11. Deadly Guns - Get Dissed
12. Deadly Guns - Falling Away From Me