Shoutbox: [30-11] ThaClown: meh, listened some stuff on SC. Southfrap Alliance has some nice early-sounding tracks, there's definately some good stuff there. La Zone is not really my thing, much of the same

Dr LoOney vs. Orel Sax @ Speedy House Mix Vol 1

Tech house   House

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" Here a 3 decks Set I worked all the summer, to select the tracks which fit the most this style.
This set is for everyone : clubbers, ravers, freetekno people, exactly in between all styles I'm sure you won't be able to resist to this groovy beat, and start moving your head while hiting the feets on the ground! "

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need for koek : underground
kheb hulp nodig vr de tags..  :-/
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maybe tech-house + house .. and no techno  :a:
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need for koek : underground
thanks  :D